StreetDrone vehicle branded with Innovation is GREAT branding

Bringing the best of Britain to the world

The GREAT Britain campaign showcases all four corners of our nation to inspire the world and encourage people to visit, do business, invest and study in the UK. GREAT unites the efforts of the public and private sector to generate jobs and growth for Britain and Northern Ireland. 


The UK has a huge amount to offer with world-class universities, ground breaking research, high tech start-ups and entrepreneurial business people. We are global leaders in the creative industries such as music, fashion, design and film. We offer visitors unforgettable experiences, breath-taking landscapes and iconic attractions.

GREAT captures all that is familiar about the UK, but also what is new and surprising about this country. Our aim is to encourage people around the world to think and feel differently about the UK.

From Shanghai to San Francisco

Person waving Union Jack flag featuring Pride colours
Love is GREAT
Welcome to Great branding featuring Big Ben on the Mexico tube
Welcome to GREAT
Food is GREAT
British sports stars posing in front of a trophy
Sport is GREAT
Prince Charles posing in front of a vintage car featuring Heritage is Great branding
Heritage is GREAT
Sport is GREAT’ and ‘Innovation is GREAT’ branded yacht and cars in front of the Sydney Opera House
Innovation is GREAT

GREAT was launched in 2012 to capitalise on the excitement and interest generated by the Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics and Paralympics.

Since then the campaign has grown. It can now be seen in 145 countries worldwide and nearly 300 cities – from Shanghai to San Francisco, from Copenhagen to Cape Town. And in the UK, the campaign is helping British companies to export for the first time and expand into new markets. 

Representing all corners of the UK

Caerphilly Castle in Wales
Scone with Rodda’s Clotted Cream and Tiptree Strawberry Preserve

GREAT is wide-reaching, promoting every aspect of the UK. This includes supporting visitors to our beautiful heritage and landscape with VisitBritain; driving trade with international businesses with the Department for International Trade; demonstrating delectable food and drink with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and encouraging international students to study in the UK with the British Council.

Run from the Cabinet Office, GREAT works across government departments to present an integrated brand for the UK overseas. It is governed by a ministerial board, chaired by the Secretary of State for the Department for International Trade, and also gains valuable input from GREAT’s Private Sector Council that includes representatives from a wide range of organisations including BBC Studios, Premier League, HSBC and WPP.

GREAT received a highly positive review from the National Audit Office which “commended the campaign” for its “strong marketing and communication tools and materials…[that] provide an important element of consistency….which helps to embed the brand by creating familiarity among target audiences and markets.”